California Spring Trials 2020

Saturday, March 28 – Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Sakata and Syngenta Notice March 11, 2020: Sakata Seed, Syngenta Flowers Back Out of CAST Due to COVID-19

Benary Notice March 12, 2020: 'due to the recent developments in the United States as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to cancel our upcoming CAST event'

Florep Notice March 13, 2020: Regretfully, due to COVID-19, we are forced to cancel our Spring Trials at Windmill Nursery this year.

The California Spring Trials is an annual weeklong event held at various locations throughout the state. The event is a launching ground for some of t

he newest plant varieties, signage and packaging products, and merchandising programs and concepts. In addition, many locations include PGR experiments, outdoor trialing, and technical information and help. AmericanHort organizes and supports the development and execution of the annual California Spring Trials as a valuable and unique industry event. 

Not all California Spring Trial locations participate in the online registration system.